Why Invest in India?

India is the Fastest Growing Destinations for Investments

India is stepping out of the shadows to claim its place in the sun as one of the world’s largest manufacturing and skill base. India’s journey towards becoming a business and economic powerhouse is well underway.

Armed with a new vision, today’s ‘New India’ is becoming a sought after global business destination and is building a fertile ecosystem for growth.

Real Estate - A Fast-Growing Business Opportunity

As one of the world’s fastest growing economies, India’s rapid Real Estate development has been at the heart of this growth. Real Estate in India has gone beyond being social security asset to becoming a favoured investment asset for business from across the world. This Real Estate boom has also brought along with it new infrastructure, connectivity, talent, technology and ease of business.

India’s Steady and Promising Real Estate Growth

India’s upswing in the real estate market owes it to the huge growth in the industrial sector and an overall high rate of development, both residential and commercial. Over the past decades, ultra-progressive policies and smart governance makes India one of the most exciting investment destinations.

With real estate playing a major role in India’s progress, the government has gradually forged greater transparency in policies and regulations to address the growing demands from investors.


Why Invest in Gujarat?

Gujarat: Dream Destination for Real Estate Investment

Gujarat has grown from being home to the Indus Valley Civilisation to India’s most progressive and fastest growing state that is shaping the nation’s growth agenda for better governance, growth, and development.

Gujarat – A Model of Economic Success

With a strategic location, honest government and plenty of foreign trade help, this small state has turned into an economic powerhouse. Gujarat has transformed into a sought-after investment destination over the last decade, where India's biggest opportunity awaits. Gujarat is well-connected to India's major cities by road, air and sea routes.

With a desire to build world-class economic hubs, the Gujarat government is striving to strengthen its infrastructure, while extending port capacities for expansive marine trade, Special Investment Regions (SIRs), Special Economic Zones (SEZs), Petroleum, Chemicals, and Petrochemicals Investment Regions (PCPIRs) and manufacturing, along with logistics parks and services.

Boosting Business Productivity

Better and faster output is common for businesses in Gujarat. With the best infrastructure of connectivity and surplus power, Gujarat is helping businesses win.

Breakthrough in Global Talent Innovation

As an enterprising community of entrepreneurs and state with the highest levels of qualified talent, Gujarat is fertile ground for innovation and talent. The Gujarat government pledges to re-position the state’s talent pipeline so that individuals can compete with global talent and innovations and leadership.

A Peaceful, Prosperous State

Gujarat has a history of peaceful labour force, with one of the least number of mandays lost. The result has been corporates choosing Gujarat for big ticket investment.

A Vibrant Culture

Gujarat is a truly cosmopolitan city, with a vibrant culture, fun loving people and traditions and festivities that have a unique flavor and compare to the best in the world. Boasting a rich history and a diverse culture, Gujarat possesses an outstanding array of development opportunities.